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I’m calling it now, 2019 is going to be the year of action! .NET Core Tutorials has been running strong for over 2 years now (We were there right from the project.json days). Back then, people were fine reading all about the latest features of .NET Core. But these days, people want to be shown. Live! That’s why I’m starting live coding sessions on every Wednesday and Sunday. I’ll be covering a variety of topics, but you’ll often catch me doing live blog writing sessions where you can get a sneak peak of content before it goes live and ask any questions while I’m doing live coding. We’ve already had some great questions in chat while doing our post on C# 8 IAsyncEnumerable.

So get amongst it. Head on over, drop a follow, and tune in next time!

But enough about me, I want it to be a year of action for you too. That’s why I’m giving away a copy of *any* of Manning’s classic “In Action” books. You know, those ones with the ye olde covers. Like this Core In Action book by Andrew Lock (Who is a great author by the way!).

I bold the word *any* above because it’s not just Core In Action, but actually any “In Action” book you want. Want to learn Redux in 2019? Try Redux In Action. Want to learn all about Amazon Web Services? Try AWS In Action. How about learning a bit of data science in R? Well… You guessed it, try R In Action. Infact just head over to Amazon and check out any of the In Action titles and start drooling over which one you want if you win!

Use any of the entry options below (or multiple), and you are in to win! It’s that easy!

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7 thoughts on “In Action Book Giveaway”

  1. I do not know much about twitch but I would really love to access your videos after they are recorded (broadcasted) as well. For this reason, instead Twitch, would you think to use Youtube?

    Can you also give some priorities to “ core 3.0” related subjects during your videos?

    Thanks so much.


    • The plan is to start doing live recordings of tutorials, complete with Q&A etc, and then make the recordings available. So very shortly 🙂

  2. I want to take ASP.NET Core in Action this year. I learned about it a lot last year and would like to continue it this year as well. I have read the free chapters of Andrew Lock’s book ASP.NET Core in Action and liked the content. I have also heard him talking about it on hanselminutes podcast. I think this book will really help me in understanding the concepts of ASP.NET in more detail.

  3. want Core In Action. new , revamped MS technologies are exciting . the book will let me get start on. I cant find your channel in . Can you tell yoour username or channel name in ?

  4. This Year is my birth as a father. My son is comming in frebruary. So I just whant to be a real good father in 2019.


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