.NET 6 Preview 1 Has Been Released

It feels like not long ago we were talking about all the goodies in .NET 5, and here we are already jumping into .NET 6. It actually made me go back and look at the .NET Framework versions on Wikipedia here. Admittedly back then, minor versions of the framework sometimes contained huge changes. For example async/await was added in version 4.5, which these days would suggest a “minor” update, but obviously was pretty huge. But even still, version 1.0 to version 4.8 was 17 years in the making.

The first version of .NET Core was released in 2016, and here we are in 2021, just 5 years later, and we are already up to seeing preview versions of .NET Core 6. It really speaks to not only Microsoft’s commit to move fast, but I think just the overall cadence of modern software development. Gone are the days of developers sitting in cubicles and sitting on work for three years until a a major release.

You can grab .NET 6 Preview 1 here : https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/6.0

As for what’s new. Well generally the first preview release of a new .NET Version is typically setting the stage for what’s to come and doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of “toys” to play with. With that being said, some of the features that did make it in were :

  • The first iteration of moving Xamarin into .NET to unify the platforms. e.g. Being able to build Android/IOS applications in .NET.
  • A first crack at using Blazor for desktop applications (From early reading, this seems very close to how you might use Electron, e.g. It’s still a web control view on desktop).
  • There seems to be talk about better hot reload functionality. I can’t find that much information on this. The .NET CLI already has “dotnet watch“, but this is more of a complete build rather than a nice iterative hot reload.
  • Improvement to Single File Apps so that they actually execute from that single file rather than extracting into temp directories. This was already the case for single file applications for Linux in .NET 5, but in .NET 6, this functionality has been extended for Windows and Mac.
  • There is no appsettings.json auto complete for commonly used configuration such as logging, host filtering, kestrel setup etc.
  • WPF is now supported on ARM64.

The full release as always is here : https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/announcing-net-6-preview-1/

Overall, probably not a heck of a lot if you are a web developer. One of the major themes of .NET 6 (And even .NET 5), is unifying the various platforms and frameworks that sit under the .NET banner. In .NET 5, it was mostly desktop development, and in .NET 6, it’s a lot of mobile development with Xamarin. It doesn’t mean there won’t be something in future preview versions of course, but for now, get excited about mobile dev!

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