Free C# 9 Video Course

Since the early days of C# 9, I’ve been doing writeups on all of the new features including init-only properties, record types, top level programs and more. And ever since those writeups, I’ve had people say “Yeah, I get I can read that, but can you just give me the gist of how to use the feature?”. I thought that a single page writeup would be short enough but I do get that it’s sometimes easier to explain in a 1 minute video. And so that’s what I’ve done!

I’ve created a completely free C# 9 video course that walks you through all of the features at a high level, to get you up and running as soon as possible. There’s no waffle. There’s no me writing screeds of code on video while you wait for me to get to the point. They are all one take wonders of me doing my best explanation of every C# 9 feature I can think of. And best of all, you can watch the entire series on your lunch break and come back in the afternoon ready to put C# 9 into action.

If you are more of a text person, again, all of the information is available in posts below  :

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