Consulting / Speaking

Do you have a .NET Core project that needs an extra kick up the pants? Maybe it’s a .NET Framework project that needs a migration plan to .NET Core, or maybe it’s a brand new project that just needs an extra set of eyes across to make sure it’s ticking all the boxes, or you might even need someone to come in and explain what all this .NET Core business is all about anyway.

I particularly specialize in :

  • Migrating .NET Full Framework MVC/Web API projects to .NET Core
  • Giving crash course intro’s to .NET Core for existing .NET Framework developers
  • Setting up and architecting greenfields .NET Core projects
  • Performance reports on poor performing .NET Core applications
  • Giving talks on a wide array of .NET Core topics including the “What, Why and How” on .NET Core.

If this sounds like something you need, contact me.

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