Hey there! In late 2016 I started this blog to simply jot down ideas and learnings from working on a .NET Core project. What started as brain dumps quickly turned into a fully fledged blog that receives mentions in Jira tickets around the world as “that .NET Core guy said…. “.

Let’s Get Personal

My name is Wade and I live all the way down at the bottom of the South Island (Very inventive name) of New Zealand in a city called “Dunedin”. It’s freezing cold 6 months of the year, and just plain cold the other 6 months. But even with all of that, I keep a wetsuit at the ready for those 2 days a year when it’s warm enough to go swimming.


If you are interested in getting me involved in your project, whether that be an existing .NET Core project, converting an existing full framework project, or even just getting me to speak to your team on the what/why/how of .NET Core, you can read more here.


Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all that jazz can be found here!