Opening Up The Consultancy

Dec 14, 2016.

That’s the date I registered A week later I would register because I was worried someone would just chop off the “s” from the end and copy me.

Almost 3 years later and I have seen some crazy things with this platform. The “poopooing” of the project.json format, the deprecation then un-deprecation of ASP.NET Core running on full framework, and now the introduction of desktop apps to run on .NET Core.

Through all of that, I get a steady stream of emails asking for help on projects. It goes from individuals asking me to take a squiz at their github projects and point out glaring mistakes, all the way to large corporates getting me to build a migration plan on how they can get their existing .NET Framework project onto .NET Core. So that’s why I’m…

“Opening up the consultancy”

That’s probably a bit of an over the top statement. But it’s more like I’ve updated a couple of pages on the website to make it clear that there is no harm in reaching out and seeing how we can work together. I try and reply to each and every email even if I can’t be of too much help at the time.

So go ahead, contact me and get your .NET Core project moving today!

A Word On Product Posts

While not strictly related to consulting. I did want to mention “product posts” that sometimes pop up here from time to time. These might be posts on hosting platforms, dev tooling, monitoring solutions, or any other “paid” product used in software development.

I at times get emails from companies looking to promote their new tool, and they want me to do a nice write up on how amazing it is. But…

  • If I personally would not use the product, I do not write about it.
  • If I think the product is overpriced, I do not write about it.
  • If I feel that there is a snake oil element to the product (misleading landing pages, promises etc), I do not write about it.

Very few products make it past this line, and therefore ones that I do write about are ones that I actually use myself. This does mean that the majority of requests I get to write posts do not actually make it onto the blog, but I think it’s important that readers trust that when I write about the product, it’s worth their money.

So with all that being said, I just want to make it clear that yes, sometimes companies contact me asking to write about their product. But if I do write about it, it’s my own words with my own personal experience with the tool.

With that out of the way, if you have a product used in software development you think would benefit readers, you can contact me here.

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